January 2007 archive

Jan 31

Ice Fishing Hot Spots

Ice Fishing Hot Spots In Canada. This is the place where we are going to talk ice fishing. The following information will inform you of the top 20 Ice fishing destinations in Canada. Let’s start from British Columbia and work our way east. Irish Lake: This lake is located 25 Kilometers southeast of 100 mile …

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Jan 30

Brown Trout Info

The Dark Side of Brown Trout Fishing I love to fish for massive Brown Trout and this species of fish is what I usually target. They are the hardest species of trout to catch for various different reasons. One is they have the best eye sight of all species of trout. The second reason is …

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Jan 28

Fishing Etiquette

In this post I would like to discuss fishing etiquette while out on your local body of water. I usually go to places on my local river where there is low fishing pressure and usually do not see another human being, and I kind of like it that way. I don’t know about you but …

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Jan 26

Fishing Trips- Bow River

A Brown On The Bow The alarm goes off and I jump out of bed. It’s time to go fishing again, my friends. I can’t wait. I turn off the alarm and hear that glorious morning sound of birds chirping. I wipe the cob webs from my eyes. My heart begins to race in anticipation …

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