April 2009 archive

Apr 26

Bow River Fishing Memories

Fishing Memories of Days Gone By I was in the south end of the city today for a visit to my parent’s house, turkey dinner and all the fixings always entices me. I returned to one of my favourite spots on the Bow River to try my luck and work up an appetite. This particular …

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Apr 21

Big Fish On The Bow River

You Want Fish, We got fish Big fish and lots of them. Many people come from all parts of the world to experience what us locals sometimes take for granted. Sometimes being the key word here! Men and women from all parts of the world take their holidays on the banks of the Bow River, …

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Apr 08

Grand Opening At Bass Pro Shop’s

Bass Pro Shop’s Conservation Evening I decided it would be a good idea to make my way up to Bass Pro Shop’s for the conservation evening which was held last evening. After all there were going to be some big names signing autographs and meeting people throughout the evening. Bob Izumi, Dave Mercer and Bill …

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