Monthly Archive: April 2010

Apr 27

Summer Time Fishing On The Bow River

  The Smell Of Summer Is In The Air. The sun comes up over the horizon; the birds are a sweet sound to the ears early in the morning. The worms are squiggling out of the moist cool soil after a fresh spring rain. No need to dig for worms, they are all covering the …

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Apr 18

Bow River Fishing Spots

  Bow River Fishing Spots I want to go fishing on the Bow River; I’m not familiar with the river all to well so where do I start to fish. Where is the best fishing hole on the Bow River I can drive up too and start catching fish? I used to think like that …

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Apr 03

Floating The Bow River

The First Float In The New Saturn Boat If you are like me you are impatient. My new boat arrived from Idaho about two weeks ago and I have been staring at it ever since, or it has been staring at me I’m not sure which. I opened it from the box and removed the …

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