Mar 25

A Man And His River!



The Journey To Serenity

The alarm clock rings at five in the morning, the sweet sound of music tickles the ears and then you are up and at it. For a trout fisherman who is eager to make the river, five o’clock is no big deal. The knowledge of that first fish gets you motivated like no other type I know of. The river is like a good old friend who welcomes you inside every time you step on its doorstep. That warm feeling of being home overwhelms you. Being away from home too long leaves you unsettled, but once you come home to the river, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you belong here! The fish are but just a bonus, like having a grand desert after a good meal.

Your heart begins to beat quicker and your fingers tingle with anticipation. The river has a way of bringing you that particular feeling. After a few moments your heart settles and you begin to breathe deeper inhaling that sweet fragrance of pine and cotton wood which overhang the banks of the river. The water is glowing with the first light of the sun touching the dancing pyramids that flow along the far bank. As you glance to your right a deer spooks and bounces through the foliage away from you into the rising sun. Vapor rises from the river as you unzip your back pack and fetch your first lure. Before you tie up you recess and take in the scenery, the city sure does not look this beautiful! Then you recommence your knot, synching it up tight to the split ring making sure to wet it before it closes firm. You check it and make sure you are good to go.

Once the lure is hurled, you loosen up and hone in on the line. You watch that line like a hawk and feel the lure pulsating in your hands. The lure then hits the bottom and quickly grabs your full attention. Just the bottom you think but wait that might be a fish. You stop the lure a few seconds and resume your retrieve, hoping to unite with that first fish but nothing happens. A few more casts in that location and no action. A short walk up the river bank to another location where you view a seam that cannot be passed up. The lure runs down the river bouncing over the shallow shelf and then into the deep water beside it. Sha-bang that first fish can’t resist; a brown trout surfaces before diving back down to the river bed to shake the lure out from its toothy jaws. Not this time as the fish is scooped up in the soft rubber net and carefully admired.

You have now found that sweet spot in the river as another fish has taken that bait. One after another you find victory. Finally after six fish have been landed the fish discontinue their feeding frenzy. It is wise to move along to another piece of real estate and investigate again. The hunter is on the prowl to find his prey. Knowing how to dissect a river is an important piece of the puzzle and an art form in itself. Once you know how to read water you will be rewarded with some colossal fish and your journey will be productive.

It does not really matter if you catch one fish or one hundred, you are home and home is where the heart is. You never want to leave and make sure you are never away for long. The fish seem to call you back. In all seasons and in all temperatures, no one can keep you away. The journey for serenity at last ends when you come home!


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  1. tony

    beautiful article! This really reminds me of a question my friend asks me: why would you go fishing alone (instead of being around a large group of friends)? In my opinion, the calm and the serenity is definitely what fishing is all about. It’s not about the fish, or what you caught, but the calmness and the happiness that you feel while you walk around…. i think the phrase about fishing was: one hour of calmness and one minute of excitement!!
    Excellent article!!

  2. Mike Robertson

    Thanks Tony, fishing is a sport where not only can we fish with our friends and family, we can also do it by ourselves when we want that piece and tranquility. It’s about connecting to nature and being one with our surroundings. Not only do we get to see all sorts of wildlife, we get to escape concrete and experience the thrill of the battle of a big fish.

    As we both know it’s sometimes more about getting away than it is about the fishing !!

    Thanks Tony,


  3. Ari

    A fine piece of work my friend!

  4. Mike Robertson

    Thank you sir, hopefully one day soon we can fish togeather and enjoy some massive river trout.



  5. islamorada fishing charters

    I do not think I could have described a more perfect day if I tried. This is the reason that I became a charter captain in the first place. Being born and raised in Florida, the scenery is different but the passion is the same. I can still remember the first time my father took me fishing and how impatient I was. Over the years I stopped being so focused on the catch and started to focus on the process. There was always something tranquil and peaceful about being on the water and the beauty that surrounded me. In the same way a mountain climber can never explain his passion, we as fisherman are the same. I still possess the passion for fishing that I developed when I was a kid but now, I have the added glory of watching my clients share in that same excitement when they land a fish.

  6. Mike Robertson

    Keep that passion burning my friend. Help as many anglers share in your love for the sport and at the end of the day, our hearts and souls are full of joy.

    Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment.



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