August 2011 archive

Aug 18

A City Float Trip From Graves Landing To Policeman’s Flats

Spinner fishing the Bow River using Panther Matrtins

Bottom Bouncing Panther Martins On The Bow River. It was planned for two weeks; Al and his eleven year old son were booked and ready to fish. Al called me a few days before the trip to ask if there was anything he needed to bring fishing. “Just bring a camera and a smile” I …

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Aug 07

Crankbait Fishing The Lower Bow River

A large Bow River brown trout that smashed a Rapala

  Old Friends And Bow River Trout Fishing Memories. It’s been sometime now since I have seen my old friend Jamie. Jamie and I went to high school together. I bumped into him once in a local Calgary Dairy Queen along time ago but lost contact since. Then we reconnected on good old Facebook. Its …

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Aug 01

Long Weekend Trout Fishing The Lower Bow River

A pretty rainbow trout taken on a Rapala Countdown while floating the lower bow river

Rainbow Trout’s Galore In the month of July the fishing gets really good on the rivers and streams here in Alberta. The water in the Bow River is still really high which provides great fishing for browns and rainbows alike. This year the fishing will be good until December I predict. I have had the …

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