December 2011 archive

Dec 28

Trout Fishing In A Sunny Winter Wonderland

A colorful brown trout taken from the Bow River December 27 2011

  The winter sunlight hit the shimmering water early today, nine o’clock and time to rock. Time’s a ticking and the fish don’t catch themselves! We guzzled a few coffees and made the mad dash for the river. I’m not too sure why we were in such a hurry as we never encountered another fisherman …

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Dec 24

Trout Fishing And Water Temperature, What You Need to Know

Bow river water cools as winter is upon us now

  Water temperatures and trout fishing Most of us anglers are aware that the temperature of the water can either increase our chances or decrease them depending on water temperature. Winter is here in Alberta and the water is cold, not glacial yet but still quite cold. A generalization can be made for preferred trout …

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Dec 11

Spin Fishing The Bow River On A Warm Winters Day

trout fishing the lower bow river December 10 2011

It ended just like it began! If you live in a place that gets’ cold and snows in the winter, you then know how hard it sometimes is to make it out to your local river for some open water fishing. Lucky I live in Alberta where a Chinook is a welcomed friend and a …

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