February 2012 archive

Feb 13

2012 Calgary Boat and Sportsman Show

Patrick Babcock of Cree River Lodge shares fishing stories at the Calgary Boat and Sportsman show

  And that’s a rap! The 2012 Calgary boat and Sportsman show has come and gone again with the show being held this past weekend at the BMO Center in Calgary. I attended the show again this year and was very happy I went down. I was there more for the people then the boats …

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Feb 06

My Three Year Old Catches Her First Trout

Paige catches her first Bow River Brown Trout

Paige’s first Brown Trout After sitting around for the better part of Saturday we decided Sunday we were going to get out and get active. A walk in the dog park was in order for both the dog and the kids alike. Why not get outside in plus twelve degree bliss. This weather has been …

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Feb 01

The Importance Of The Fishing Knot

The clinch knot and the improved clinch knot

A guest post on fishing knots by Steve Jacobs As a Blogger it is always nice when someone appreciates your work! Back not so long ago, I was asking other fishing Bloggers to do guest posts for them, linking to other prominent Blogs and sharing their material with my fishing friends. I have also been …

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