Sep 13

Giving Thanks For A Great Summer Sport Fishing The Bow River

People, Places and Things

When I stop to ponder, I think of people who have helped me along the way, people who have lifted me up when times were tough, people who encouraged me to move forward, people who have offered me great sane advice, often times for free asking nothing in return. Those people I owe this Blog to, folks like you who come to read and escape that office cubicle, the mall when your wife shops too much; your basement on a cold winters day, you are the reason I continue to tap the keys as often as my busy lifestyle allows me. I have been blessed to meet so many of you, either on the water fishing beside you. On the shoreline while I pass you on the way up to catch the day’s prize, or on the internet when you stop by the Blog and say hello. Some folks I meet and never see or hear from again, but for the most part, you are friends I make for a lifetime.

I was once a young man with a dream, a dream to be a fishing guide. Not just a good fishing guide, a great fishing guide. I read many books and watched copious amounts of videos to hone my skills as a master of the trout species. I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker and use the force on those elusive trout’s, but I have dropped that fantasy for reality and put my thinking into ac-tion. If you do not take action, the fish will never jump into your boat, NEVER!

I made the same rookie mistakes as we all do in the beginning, buying the wrong kinds of lures, improper fish handling techniques, fishing unproductive water, fishing unproductive water too long and spending too much money on fishing tackle that just never worked; if you call that a mistake? You must start somewhere; and I started out a rookie. In the early days, the only thing that mattered to me was the fish, and how I was going to catch them. Most times I would return home scratching my head wondering why I never even had a bite, let alone a fish landed on the shoreline. I did everything they said to do and still nada. Luckily I am stubborn and never gave up hope that I would one day catch those shy fish. I would then meet some experienced co-workers who had done their homework like I had done, but found success catching and not just casting. I would ask them if I could tag along with them to learn their secrets to success. Soon after I had landed my first fish from the river I swore never had any! I was hooked, line and sinker! That first fish was to become my passion, my joy, my escape from the masses of human life and into the great outdoors.

My fishing adventures have taken me to numerous lakes in Alberta. Lakes such as McGregor Lake, Newell Lake, Chester Lake, Crawling Valley Reservoir, Maligne Lake and many others. However I always love the thrill and challenge of fishing rivers, small or large. There is just something about a river I cannot get enough of. A river is always changing, from water level’s to structure; one year that gravel bar is there and the next it’s gone. I have fished many amazing rivers in Alberta including the Highwood River, Sheep River, Oldman River, The Castle River, The Crowsnest River, The Elbow River and of course the mighty Bow River. The places I have traveled are secluded and tranquil, beautiful and pure. Nature in its entire splendor! Water so clean you can drink it right from the stream. Places the heart cannot forget, places that draw you back year after year to fish and camp.

Each and every season I fish the rivers and streams I continue to learn new tactics. Just when I think I have seen it all, the river hands over more of her best kept secrets. This season has been a busy one with many guided fishing trips already completed and more to come. I have met so many fantastic people this summer, people I hope to see each and every year. I will be back out this weekend guiding the Bow River looking for more trophy trout. Here is hoping your fishing season has been as blessed as mine has. To my clients I have had the honor to meet this year, THANK YOU for making my dreams come true! If you are looking for a Canada fishing guide for 2013, please use the contact form on the Blog and I will be happy to serve you next season.