Mar 01

Living Large In The Great Outdoors

Golden Eagle Souring

Letting Nature Take its Course

The destination is in the imagination, out there beside the flowing rage of H2O where below lurks the prey. A puzzle to figure out; sometimes with missing pieces and no directions to follow! You stand there bewildered with the mountains as your back drop and Golden Eagles soaring above searching. Nature in its entire splendor and glory! Memories are made here and sweet stories are told for many decades. Friendships are forged for life all for the love of trout, or any fish for that matter. For me it’s brown or silver in color and has many spots, spots and colors of red’s and purple’s, browns and yellows with red halos. Hours and hours have passed as I walk up and down the river excursing my muscles and my will to succeed. For myself, there is nothing like the connecting to a large river trout that puts up more of a fight then most MMA combatants. The heavy weight trout of the river hungry for what swims past their lie is the reason, spring, summer, fall and winter the season.

All fish aside, camp coffee and bon fires along the rocky shoreline are hard to beat. Gazing up at the stars on a clear warm night; listening to the fire crackling beside you and watching falling stars until the late hours of the evening. Telling fish stories until you’re too tired to keep your eyes open any longer. It is like the world is shut off somehow and nothing matters anymore, time seems to stand still. What is it about exploring the unknown that ignites the soul deep within us; the flame burning wild and free inside me! This summer promises all the same as the seasons that have passed; many trips on the river and new friends made. Fish brought to the boat and released back into nature where they belong. Long summer nights of sunshine and warm weather, sure wish I could fast forward the clock a few months.

Until then I shall enjoy Mother Nature’s simple pleasures, her cool winter chill and her splendid rewards taken from just outside my back yard. Whether it is with your mother, brother or significant other, please be safe out there and enjoy what nature has to offer you.

See you outside!


    • Alex on May 29, 2013 at 4:04 am

    You can’t beat a fishing trip with bon fires and open air sleeping on a mild spring day/evening. Obviously if you’re able to find some good quality trout too then it’s perfect!

  1. Yes agreed 150% Alex, nothing says summer than a great weekend spent in the great outdoors. The fish are a nice bonus as well.



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