May 27

River report for the Bow River system. May 27, 2013

Bow River Flow Rates (Calgary)

With three solid days of rain and run off already started, the clean water of the Bow River system now takes on a similar look of a chocolate milk carton. With water running out of the storm drains and into the river now, it looks like fishing should be done on a lake or reservoir. You can still catch fish from this dark water but I personally like to move to new water and fish for various species of game fish.

I drive over all three rivers in the south, first the Bow then the Sheep then the Highwood on my way to work each day. All three rivers are way up now and looking almost unfishable. The Bow River system is now pushing water at a rate of approximately 250 cubic meters per second (see chart for flow rates). I fished last week before the rain and did fair with a few nice rainbows caught and released. Now it’s time to head east and fish the reservoirs for Canada’s number one sport fish, the Walleye.

Where will you be fishing when the Bow is too dirty and fast to fish? Please leave a comment and let us know where and what you like to fish for.