Dec 02

December Fishing The Bow River 2013

Dec 1 2013 Rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout taken from the Bow River Dec 1 2013


What a great way to start of the Christmas season. My four and a half year old daughter and I went fishing together today. We were fishing the lower stretch of the Bow River and did very well in a few short hours. As a team we caught three browns and the rainbow trout you see in this image. My daughter asked me if she could take my picture of the fish we caught together, I’d say she makes a great photographer for a young lady don’t you think?

We caught all of our fish today on a Japan Special Rapala Countdown minnow imitation. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and use lures that the local river inhabitants have never seen before! Looks like we made our trip happen in time as there is a major snow storm blowing in tomorrow.


  1. Great looking brown and a great picture by your daughter!

  2. Thanks, this Rainbow Trout was quite the rush for us both !!!


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