Dec 22

Choosing The Right Lures

A mix of Rapala Countdown lures

In the River Of Dreams

There is something about standing knee deep submersed into a long cold flowing river that always seems to draw me in, like a magnet to steel. Something about the sounds of rushing water and robins chirping in the back ground drags me in; month after month and year after year. When one finds their calling in life it is often very difficult to keep him or her away for any length of time! Rivers and lakes teaming with all sorts of life created eons ago just waiting to be discovered by those willing to venture off the beaten path and explore. For me it’s as if time stands still motionless while I stare out at the dancing pyramids created by the ebb and flow of the river that winds right through my city, almost literally right out my back door. I guess it’s no wonder why I continue submersed in that cold crystal clean water year after year.

After I studied my local river very scrupulously spending copious amounts of time learning her idiosyncrasies’ I decided it was time for me to pass on my knowledge of what I learned to others who struggled to catch even one fish. You see, in the beginning I thought that the river was void of any such creatures! Luck was not on my side and I ruled out any chance of me catching even one. I have been told, on voluminous occasions that I am of the stubborn type and have a “thick skill”. To some people this works to their detriment but for me it happened to be a blessing in regards to me NOT giving up hope that one day I too would catch even just one. That day did eventually come after many hours and days with wasted dollars on low end fishing lures. How I relished in that fish once it came to my hand and what I learned from that was to invest in high end fishing tackle and never give up hope. I also learned how to tie high strength knots that won’t break under heavy stress from a large fish pulling like a Mack truck to get away. There was so much in those early days that I did not know but that was then and this is now.

So how can you tell a good fishing lure from a “bad” one? I look for companies that have been around a long time, say over 5 years or more is my rule. These corporations have perfected the art of making high quality fishing tackle and have a proven track record of catching fish. Companies such as Rapala, Panther Martin, Blue Fox, Storm, Luhr Jensen, Williams, Live Target, Jack Fish Lures and many more! These reputable companies have perfected the art of crafting lures which will catch fish.

If you have used any one of the products of a combination of them, you will know these products work well and catch fish regularly. What truly go into good lures is the materials they are made of; how they perform in the water and how durable they are. Cheap lures made from low end material that crack or break can be left on the shelf or in the so called “discount bin”. At first I tried many of these cheap lures; I never knew any better at the time and yes I caught a few fish! As a beginner it is hard to distinguish the good from the “Bad”. You can always go ask the guy at the “Tackle shop” for advice! Some guys do know their stuff and the products that work well; but other guys are hired off the street and have no clue what to suggest. There are guys that will also tell you to use a certain product just to clear the shelf off and make room for other inventory, little shady and wrong but it does happen, and it happens more often than you think!

Please feel free to try the products I have suggested in this post, they do work well and you will catch fish. I find most anglers are loyal to certain brands and if you ask around, you are going to hear varied opinions. Find the best lures for the species you intend to fish for, work the lures in many different ways and most of all, don’t quit before the fish start biting.

I hope Mr. Santa Claus is good to you for Christmas and you get all that good fishing tackle you asked for.  I will resume my dreams of the river and all its inhabitants. It has been severely cold here but the weather is looking up, hopefully soon I can cast again into that river of dreams! Merry Christmas everyone, I hope 2014 is the best year of your lives!


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  1. John M

    Are you still running your guide service? What weekend do you think would be best to book a trip for large rainbows?

  2. Mike Robertson

    Hello John, so sorry for the slow reply! Yes I am still offering guided trips. The best month for rainbows are early spring just after our run off here which is normally early to mid June. Usually around Stampede is a great time to book a trip also.

    Thanks so much for the inquiry,


  3. Cristina

    they loook nice!!!!!

  4. Mike Robertson

    They work WELL for sure….

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