Category: Bow River Clean Up

Jun 29

Blown Out Bow River

A washed out boat launch at Policeman's Flats

June 20 2013 Destruction and devastation of the likes I have never seen firsthand with my own eye balls. I witnessed the floods here in Calgary in 2005 and thought that was massive, which it was. Now this flood is at least three times worse than 2005 and I have heard worse than the flood …

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May 06

The Annual Bow River Clean Up 2012

Clean up of the Bow River Calgary, Alberta

Bow River Clean-up A Success I was out wandering the banks of the Bow River today checking on the water clarity. What a nice day it was to stroll along the banks and take in the rays of sunshine. I had my camera with me and was taking pictures of the river when I spotted …

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