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Nov 26

How To Winter Fish a River For Brown Trout

The beautiful brown trout of the Bow River

Location, location, location. Fishing in the winter means finding fish in their over-wintering locations; usually deeper stretches of the river where the river keeps a more constant temperature or has sufficient cover for fish to hide. If you are familiar with your local river, then you should already know where these deep pools are located. …

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Aug 25

Fishing for Brown Trout

Fall Fishing for Brown Trout As we enter the fall season in Alberta, Brown Trout fishing on the Bow River will pick up. Those elusive Brown Trout will show up on the end of our monofilament fishing line. Brown Trout will start to fatten up for their spawn making for good fishing for this species. …

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Oct 25

Brown Trout Information

  BROWN TROUT INFORMATION             Brown trout are a territorial species that prefer staking out a protected homeland near the edges of fast currents and back pools off current edges. Any obstruction in the water that may provide cover for the light-sensitive fish is a good area to cast. Fish for browns in the same waters …

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Apr 03

Brown Trout Info

Scottish Brown Trout

History of The Brown Trout Just when the divergence between the Atlantic salmon(salmo salar), and the brown trout(salmo trutta), occured is unknown, but there is large scientific evidence showing that they have a common ancestor. Recently found chromosome differences between the Atlantic salmon(56-58) and Salmo trutta(80) clearly separate the salmon and brown, but the similarity …

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