Category: Fisheries Management

May 29

A Focus On Alberta Fisheries Management (Part 1)

Please clean up the river before you leave. We are all responsible for our rivers and lakes!

  An Introduction to Alberta’s Wonderful World of Fishes From the tiny nine-spine stickleback, which grows to a length of only six centimetres to the two-metre long lake sturgeon, Alberta has a very interesting and varied fish fauna. Adjectives such as cool and cold-water, stocked, introduced, native, bait, prey, game and hybrid are used to …

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May 26

A Focus On Alberta Fisheries Management (Part 2)

Bow River Rainbow Trout Fishing

        Managing Our Fisheries Resources The Demand for Fish Exceeds Supply Alberta does not have an abundance of fish habitat; only 2.4 percent of Alberta is covered with fresh water. About 800 Alberta lakes contain native game fish populations. Compare this to Saskatchewan’s estimated 94,000 fish-bearing lakes, Manitoba’s 110,000 and Ontario’s 250,000! …

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May 23

A Focus On Alberta Fisheries Management (Part 3)

Catch and release fishing on the Bow River

Regulation Compliance and Enforcement The first steps taken to protect and ensure the wise use of Alberta’s fish resources should always be proactive and preventive. Public consultation and education activities undertaken by fisheries managers and biologists, Conservation Officers, and conservation groups help anglers and others to understand the biological requirements of fish populations and the …

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