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Dec 24

Trout Fishing And Water Temperature, What You Need to Know

Bow river water cools as winter is upon us now

  Water temperatures and trout fishing Most of us anglers are aware that the temperature of the water can either increase our chances or decrease them depending on water temperature. Winter is here in Alberta and the water is cold, not glacial yet but still quite cold. A generalization can be made for preferred trout …

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Sep 01

Pinpoint Cast’s Will Land You More Fish!

Todd makes a cut to land his boat into Policeman's Flats along the Bow River

  Pinpoint casts put fish in the boat! Have you ever went fishing on your local trout stream and caught nothing? How about fishing your local trout river for two or three hours and only catching one or two fish. From shoreline, pinpoint casts are not overly vital but float fishing a river, it is …

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Jun 09

Why Leaving A Prime Fishing Location Is Not A Good Idea

Winter Trout Fishing The Bow River 2011

  Never Get Going When The Going Gets Good! I have seen it time and time again; an angler packs up and leaves a spot when the bite is on. But why? Why do we leave when the bite is on, give up on a prime piece of real estate and go home or go …

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Mar 19

Simple Tips To Keep Flying Rainbow Trout On Your Hook


  A Rainbow In The Sky The old angler says to the young angler as they looked down watching the trout gather to feed above the riffle, “what do ya say we just mosey on down and catch all of them fish in that river”. The young angler is game and accepts the offer. They …

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