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Apr 02

Bow River spin fishing April 1st 2017

trophy brown trout fishing bow river alberta canada

The new fishing season kicks of with a HUGE bang. The water has cleared and it’s the beginning of a brand new fishing season. New licences for the 2017 season were issued today! I had to make a quick pit stop at Canadian Tire to acquire my new licence before heading south to launch my …

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Dec 22

The Bow River, home is where the heart is!


No place like home What gets you out of bed at 5:00 Am in the morning on a nice summer day? Is it the thrill of fish dancing on the line, the smell of the cool crisp mountain air blowing down the river and right into your face? Is it the sounds of birds chirping …

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Aug 07

Crankbait Fishing The Lower Bow River

  Old Friends And Bow River Trout Fishing Memories. It’s been sometime now since I have seen my old friend Jamie. Jamie and I went to high school together. I bumped into him once in a local Calgary Dairy Queen along time ago but lost contact since. Then we reconnected on good old Facebook. Its …

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Jul 28

Bow River Float Fishing Trips For Big Brown Trout

Guided fishing trips to float the bow river for brown trout

  Big Bruiser Brown And a Ton of Rainbow’s This weekend was a great fishing weekend for me. I had two guided fishing trips back to back. A nice couple from Florida was the latest fishing trip. Bob and Betty contacted me from their home in Florida. Bob informed me he wanted to start his …

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