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Sep 26

Fall Float Fishing The Bow River 2016

big fish bow river

  The Chute Désirer Have you ever woke up and wanted something so bad you could almost taste it? A deep hunger for something that you can get rid of until you have it, or rather in my case, go do it? I awoke a few weeks back and had fish on the brain in …

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Jun 14

Fishing With Spinners Part 2

The Seasons and Spinners From season to season minor adjustments need to be made. But with the changing of the seasons, summer and fall can be great times to fish the spinner. Fall provides the right water temperature and the angling pressure can be low which helps your odds on high pressured rivers and streams. …

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May 25

Trout Fishing With Spinners

Using the Spinners I have written several articles on finding fish and articles on different types of lures. I would now like to share some information regarding the use of the spinner. My intention here is to make your experience on the water more productive. Not only will you improve your odds you will have …

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Oct 10

Lure Fishing

                          Trout Fishing With Lures  As the cool air blew in from the south east today, we agreed upon a fishing a section of the river where large trout are often hooked and landed. My guiding partner has resurfaced from New Found Land, and we have returned to search out those large Brown Trout. Today …

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