Category: Trout Fishing Stories

Oct 23

The Fish, A Dream And Recovery


  It all started shortly after I got sober in 2004. I needed to find a hobby or a sport that would keep me busy, not to mention inexpensive. I never had much money and was not working at the time. Unfortunately, I was unemployable due to the damage I had done to my own …

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Aug 16

Homage To My Fishing Friend Dwayne

brown trout fishing Idaho

  A Diamond In The Rough Sometimes by chance, or on purpose we stumble along what I refer to as diamonds along our life’s journey. Some don’t look down and even see them sparkling right under their noses but some are aware, look down and pick them up putting them into their pockets. One such …

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Sep 13

Giving Thanks For A Great Summer Sport Fishing The Bow River

People, Places and Things When I stop to ponder, I think of people who have helped me along the way, people who have lifted me up when times were tough, people who encouraged me to move forward, people who have offered me great sane advice, often times for free asking nothing in return. Those people …

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Aug 10

A Gentle Softer Flow

A wonderful Bow River summer sunset

It has been said that the finer things in life are free. With summer sounds upon us and bliss in full swing, what better way to spend time beside a soft flowing stream. Sitting and watching the stars under clear skies in the thick cover of blackness, no city lights to be seen for miles. …

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