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Alberta’s Bow River is the ultimate choice when fishing for BIG Brown and Rainbow Trout. The river forms at the Bow glacier, and flows through some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere in the world. On this river it is rare that you will not catch fish that measure 20 inches or over, massive trout is what you will see on the end of your line, when fishing this river.

Our guiding service will take you from within the city limits of Calgary, all the way through to the Carseland Weir. This is the trophy section of the Bow River. I have fished the Bow River waters from Calgary to Carseland for over 15 years, and know this river very intimately. I have studied and learned how to fish this intimidating river system.

This Bow River guiding service is a personal fishing trip of a life time. The day will start early in the morning and we will fish until we reach our destination point with plenty of stops along the way to fish the banks. This trip will be tailor made for you with nothing less than massive trout being caught. This Bow River fishing guide service is for the spinner fisherman. The guys who chuck crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinner baits and all other hardware known to catch big fish. You need not be a pro fisherman to use our guiding service; kids, fishermen and women of all skill levels are welcome.

What you will need to bring?

Waders and boots will  be required if you plan to wade in the river. Please no studded boots only felt soled boots. You can bring your own rods if you choose or I can supply you with two rods for the day’s trip. The rods I supply are Pfluger Trion, Berkley Series One rods with Pflueger President Reels. Please bring sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat to keep the sun off your head, and a warm jacket and rain gear for those days a storm decides to blow in.

What we will provide!

Our guided service wants to make you comfortable at all times while enjoying your day out on the water. The watercraft I prefer to use is a 15 foot Saturn inflatable. This craft allows for easy access to all areas of the river. I want to reach any and all fish-able water while on your trip, after all this is why you’re here; to catch fish. A high end lunch will be provided for you and beverages (non-alcoholic) will also be provided. Please notify me if you are allergic to any specific type of food before our trip. We can stop at a local fishing shop and purchase a fishing license for you before our fishing day begins, but it is preferred if you have your license before the day of your trip! All fishing tackle will be provided for you as well, if there is some type of lure you prefer to use, feel free to bring that along with you. Tons of fun, and lots of LARGE TROUT.

(NOTE) All trips are per-boat rates. Two people per boat maximum.

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    • Jeff King on August 19, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Hi Mike,
    my name is jeff and i have to thank you for all the great tips on ur blog they have really helped me out. i was wonder if you guide two people on a trip and if you still had any openings for this year?

  1. Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment and your request. The first week of September looks good for me. Please let me know what day would work best for you, the first Friday of the month would be good for me, that would be Friday the forth.

    Please let me know what works best for you Jeff.
    I will be able to accommodate two people no problem.

    Thank you,


    • tom on November 29, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    I read and found that I have the Berkley Precision Tech. I also get free-one from my friend. Could you tell me the price of this rod, I can’t find it on internet.
    Thank you,

    • Patrick Larade on December 4, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Hey, I am intrested in doing a day float, what times of year are they offerered and what time of year is best for which species of trout

    Thank You

  2. Hey Tom, Great fishing rod. I bought mine for 120.00 CDN and works great for trout as well as Walleye.

    Thanks for your question and hope to see you back on the site soon.


  3. Hey Patrick, I start my services as soon as the run off has finished. This is the time to fish for hungry Rainbows with the odd brown trout mixed in. Spring is the best to fish for big rainbows where as fall is when you can hook and land the big browns.

    So I start in May or June and go through untill late September or October as long as the weather is still warm.

    Hope to see you out this spring or summer.


    • Corey on April 22, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Hey, I was just wondering what your rates are for a day trip? I’m new to the area, and trout fishing..


  4. Hello Corey, thanks for the question. I charge 425.00 per boat for a full days fishing on the Bow River. The trip includes all tackle, rods, first class lunch, non-alcoholic beverages and of coarse large Bow River Brown and Rainbow Trout.

    Spring, right after the run off is the best time to float so be sure and book your trip for either the middle of June or the end of the month depending on when the run off starts here and when it finishes. I feel that the middle of June would be a good time to book this year.

    Please click the link on this page that says BOOK YOUR TRIP HERE and you will see all trips offered and the rates as well.

    I look forward to guiding you this spring/summer Corey.



    • Greg on May 25, 2011 at 7:37 am


    Ran into your blog through a Linked in post. We Represent Okuma as well as other Tackle Brands in Canada and have recently started workinng in the West. We are are looking to enhance our Pro Staff presence. Perhaps there may be some opportunity.



  5. Hello Greg, I would welcome that opportunity to join your Pro Staff. I look forward to joining your team sometime in the future.

    Thanks very much,


    • hadad on May 29, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Mike,
    i think I will join you with a friend of mine end of June. do you think its a good time or we should wait till mid July..

  6. Hello Hadad, I would wait until the first week in July as I feel the run off will be a little later than usual this season. This year is going to be awesome for fishing, water will be high most of the summer and the fish are going to be hungry, very hungry once the water clears up.

    Please let me know if the first week in July fits well with your schedule.

    Thanks Hadad,


    • hadad on June 1, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    sounds good for me, I will make sure we confirm within a week time. already informed my friend and waiting for his confirmation
    will email you soon

  7. Sounds great Hadad, I am looking forward to getting you into some nice fish this July. Thanks for the follow up message.


    • Kandy on October 2, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Can we book half day tours as the season wraps up before the snow?
    I would love more info!
    Thank you,

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