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Jul 31

Spin fishing the Bow River, Secrets to success

Guided spin fishing trips bow river Calgary

  The Secret to Success Success is earned most times and fishing is no different. Success comes with studying your quarry and knowing its habits, as well as its habitat! There is a lot to learn about fishing and how to be successful on most outings. There are many resources to help you maximize your …

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Dec 11

Reflections (A look back on the 2016 fishing season)

huge rainbow caught on the bow river

The 2016 fishing season, gone but never forgotten It started much the same as previous years I have been guiding, the regular boat checks to make sure all will run smoothly, which includes adding air to the Saturn Raft and making sure it has no small leaks that will turn into something more major. Then …

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Aug 24

A Midsummer Days Get Away.


  My Staycation Fishing Holiday It has been quite some time since I had summer holidays, so this year I decided it was time to take a vacation, or rather a “Staycation” as people like to call it. To me, a staycation is a place that is not so far from home, but when you …

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