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Sep 30

Fall fishing the Bow River 2017

night fishing the Bow River

  And summer slithers away It only seemed like yesterday that I awoke to a forecast of raging heat and sweat dripping from every pore of my being. The summer here in Cow-town was a scorcher with temperatures reaching in the low thirties for what seemed like the whole summer. As we turned to corner …

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Dec 07

December Fishing For Browns And Rainbows

Fishing the Bow River for Monster Trout A couple of count down Rapala’s, a Brown Trout and a Brook Trout. A December day and twelve degree weather, one Berkley Precision Tech fishing rod, Berkley XT eight pound fishing line, no one on the Bow River but me, and we have a recipe for success. I …

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Nov 10

Trout Fishing Videos

Bow River Trout Fishing Videos Here at the Bow River Blog I like to shoot videos of my fishing adventures and share them with my audience to enjoy. A few years back I set up a YouTube account to make that happen. I have shot some decent video footage of the years gone by but …

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Oct 23

Bow River Trout Fishing

Let’s Just Fish Shall We! I have been dreaming of Rainbows and Browns the last week while I am sitting at home surfing the internet. I see the pictures and read the stories and think to myself, “I need to get me some of those”. So out comes the rod and tackle and my cell …

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