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The Fish, A Dream And Recovery

October 23rd, 2015 · 2 Comments



It all started shortly after I got sober in 2004. I needed to find a hobby or a sport that would keep me busy, not to mention inexpensive. I never had much money and was not working at the time. Unfortunately, I was unemployable due to the damage I had done to my own reputation. I was looking for work, but no one would touch me with a ten foot fishing pole! I was like a tornado that ripped through people’s lives, including many employers.

Fishing was in my blood from early childhood. Some of my fondest memories were digging up worms with my grandfather in my back yard and putting them into glass jars, to be used later at the confluence where the Highwood River met the Bow River. I needed to find a safe outlet for my energy and something that would keep my mind busy and off the booze permanently. The solution was fishing and the Bow River was nice and close. Alas, the perfect plan was born!

I was lucky to get a vehicle with some money I had tucked away. I headed off to Wholesale Sports, low on gas but high on life. I walked through the threshold of the front door, eager to get a new rod and some tackle for my new adventures. I scooped up a 30.00 Abu Garcia rod combo, a fishing license and a couple lures. The rod was like fishing with a two by four! That’s all I could afford but it made me happy, very happy. I had a mission, and it wasn’t going to the bar to get loaded, it was off to the river instead. I pulled into a spot just off Deerfoot Trail and bounced out of my car like a deer running across a busy freeway. I quickly walked down the bank and arrived to fish rising everywhere around me. It was like the feeling I got when I walked into the bar to get my first drink, but better, WAY BETTER. [Read more →]

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Cabela’s Opens New Location In Calgary, Alberta

October 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Cabela’s Open’s In Calgary, Alberta.

Cabela's Calgary, Alberta Canada

Cabela’s much anticipated grand opening happened this morning here at the new Calgary, Alberta location. Line ups packed the parking lot, as hordes of people waited patiently for the first glimpse of fishing and hunting heaven.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, hosted by Cabela’s executives and special guests, began at 9:45 a.m. and concluded with the grand-opening ribbon being cut by an arrow shot from a bow by Cabela’s Ambassador, Steve Ecklund. Doors opened for business at 10 a.m.

I headed up to Cabala’s, located at 851 – 64th Avenue NE at the Deerfoot Mall, right after work to have a look inside. I shot this picture before heading inside the 70,000 square foot store. As I walked inside the door I was greeted by some killer stuffed fish hanging on display overhead seen here below.


I sauntered over to the fishing department to check out the selection of lures and rods, and was immediately impressed with the lures on the shelf. They had every lure I use to fish the Bow River with. So I grabbed a basket and added some items. I turned to my left and saw a familiar face working in the fishing department. My friend Tyler, whom I have the pleasure of seeing in another local tackle shop, pleasantly shook my hand and said hello. Tyler is a super nice guy and knows his products very well. Whether it is gear fishing or fly fishing, Tyler will make sure you are informed about the products you seek. I highly recommend Tyler if you are shopping for anything fishing related!

We finished our chat and I finished my shopping with several products by Rapala and Live Target in my basket. I walked the entire store before heading to the cashier to pay for my products. I must say I will be back to shop at the new Cabela’s location even though it’s not very close to my residence.


“Cabela’s stores offer thousands of products, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and wildlife-watching gear, as well as clothing and outdoor-themed gifts and furnishings. The company is famous for its strong brand and world-renowned reputation for delivering quality merchandise, value and legendary customer service”.

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EGO S2 Slider Net

September 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

EGO S2 Slider Fishing

The importance of a good fishing net

Safe fish handling is an essential part of ethical angling, and of protecting the resource for current and future anglers worldwide. Catch and release fishing is an important part of sustaining a healthy fishery and keeping fishing alive across the globe! Releasing a fish doesn’t guarantee its survival, but careful handling can reduce the stress on fish which gives it a better chance to live and reproduce.

The tools needed are equally vital in keeping fish healthy! A proper landing net, made from high quality products will aid in ensuring caught fish will swim away and live another day. As a fishing guide, my primary objective is to get the fish back in the water as fast as possible! The longer the fish remains out of the water, the less chance it will have to survive!

I have used many types of nets on the market but found the best types of landing nets to be made of rubber mesh. These types of nets let you land your fish quickly, without getting the hook tangled within the mesh of the net. I have seen many fish perish as a result of hooks getting stuck, adding additional time to unhook and release the fish. Studies have shown that when the use of a landing net is required or preferred, it is best to use one made of rubber or knotless mesh.

The very best net I have found on the market is the EGO S2 Slider net! This net lets you land the fish at the boat, or use the retractable handle, which comes in various lengths, to land your fish away from the boat. The 18 inch slider model (72011) extends to a 36 inch reach. The EGO S2 net boasts an innovate grip design, which makes it easy to hold in your hands when landing your prized catch. Its non-tangle, lightweight rubber mesh makes this net the perfect net for your boat. Compared to standard nylon nets, the EGO S2 provides safer fish handing, reduced time to release, flexible ease of use and durability.

Head over to EGO S2 website to purchase the best fishing net on the market today!

EGO S2 Fish approved, guide recommended.

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Homage To My Fishing Friend Dwayne

August 16th, 2015 · No Comments

brown trout fishing Idaho


A Diamond In The Rough

Sometimes by chance, or on purpose we stumble along what I refer to as diamonds along our life’s journey. Some don’t look down and even see them sparkling right under their noses but some are aware, look down and pick them up putting them into their pockets. One such diamond is my good friend Dwayne Parsons. A true diamond, that I have had the blessing to establish a life time friendship with. I found this man, or rather he found me, via my Blog. At that point in my life I was just starting out as a guide. My writing was less than par, substantially less than par. I had not written anything really since high school, my life as a collision painter never required written and published articles of high quality.

Back then I had a plethora of information to share with other anglers who spin fished the bow river, so my articles were usually rushed and lacked the proper quality of an author. All I wanted to do was help others and put up what was working for me on the river at the time. My intentions were good, but my writing, spelling and grammar, were not so! I am still far from the best, and I make mistakes like everyone else, but by having those diamonds in your pocket, I can be teachable and open to serious critique.

I remember around the time I first met Dwayne, my ego was running a little wild and I thought I was the best spin angler on the Bow River! After all, if you fished the river every day after work, and on both days of the weekend, you would be the best angler in the city as well right? I was catching fish and big fish, but I definitely needed lessons in ego deflation as well as producing high quality web content.

Then along came Dwayne. An author, writer/editor and publisher of several fly fishing magazines in Idaho, U.S.A. His comment on my blog post was kind, but was also somewhat of an ego deflator! He spoke of how he loved the fact that I had passion, and the fish I was catching were “amazing” but the way I delivered the article needed “lots of shoe polish”. I never really understood what he meant by that, but he did offer to edit my articles for me. He instructed me to send the unpublished articles to his email address. My first thought was “How much is that going to cost me“. Usually when people you don`t know offer you a service, they intend on charging for that service. Dwayne happened to be one of those rare diamonds that never asked for a dime to help me. So I chicken pecked my way through another article about my fishing adventures along the bow river. I did my best to make the article interesting and informative and sent it away for the “shoe polish“ to be added. I think he went through a couple cans that Saturday!

After a few days of anxiously awaiting his reply, I finally received the article back on the Wednesday evening after work. I could not wait to read the article, however I was a tad bit nervous as to his critique. He showed me where I was redundant, where I had make punctuation mistakes and when I was just plain rambling on. I was a little bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but I must say it made me grow as a writer. He became much more than a coach to me; he became an eternal friend and fishing partner.

Dwayne with a Idaho Bass

I am grateful this diamond has never lost its sparkle and we remain in touch as often as we can. I am humbled by all the lessons Dwayne has taught me. Who is your diamond in the rough? Who has offered their time and or services free of charge. Whom have you met in your fishing community that inspires you and teaches you to become a better human being, a better angler, a better fishing guide? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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