Nov 28

Edge Rod’s by Gary Loomis



edge-rods-by-gary-loomisOn behalf of Bow River Blog Guided Fishing Tours Inc. and myself Mike Robertson, I am very happy to announce that we will be sponsored by Edge Fishing Rod’s (Gary Loomis) for the upcoming 2017 fishing season. These new, cutting edge fishing rod’s are state of the art masterpieces for both the fly angler, and the conventional fisherman alike. I will be purchasing my new Edge rod in early January, and then writing my review of the rod here on the Blog.

A big thanks to The Edge Team for letting me become a pro-staff this upcoming season.

Please have a look at the Edge website here and put one of these rod’s under the Christmas tree this season.

Happy fishing my friends,



Oct 28

Testimonials 2016 (Tony B)


My son and I had an opportunity to go fishing with Mike. Mike’s enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge is unsurpassed. My son and I agree, Mike is the “Trout Slayer”.

That said Mike is very much a catch and release advocate and cares deeply about the fisheries.Thank you Mike for letting us join you on that adventurous day.

Until next time,


Oct 26

What Makes A Fishing Winner? How To Be Successful On The Water



What is a winner?

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals. Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble. When we fish, we always want to win, and recognizing what your strengths and weaknesses are is very important. When we fish, being a winner takes on various forms. For example, I may set out to catch the twenty five inch monster from a section of river I intend to fish, or I may choose to catch ten fish on my outing. If I go out and accomplish my goals, then I can come home from the river a winner.

A winner never quits, doesn’t take success to his head & most importantly stays humble. I believe it is important to realize that there “is always someone better” and in that thinking, I can always continue to learn. When I feel that “I am the best” I forget to watch other people and learn from more advanced anglers that can teach me something. There are so many great ways to learn about fishing now days, from the internet to books, to videos, to blogs, to becoming a member of a Facebook group, or simply asking other anglers on the bank for advice. If we stay humble, I believe we will continue to learn and grow as anglers!


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Sep 26

Fall Float Fishing The Bow River 2016

fall fog on the bow river


The Chute Désirer

Have you ever woke up and wanted something so bad you could almost taste it? A deep hunger for something that you can get rid of until you have it, or rather in my case, go do it? I awoke a few weeks back and had fish on the brain in big way. I must admit, I just bought a new jet boat so each and every chance I get, I want to be out on the water fishing! A few Tuesdays ago I woke up and immediately started thinking about rainbows and browns, and what lures I was going to use to catch them. In fact, I had to get out there so fast that I skipped breakfast and headed straight for the river, sandwich and drinks in cooler of course! I hurried to pack the gear into the truck, and made the mad dash to get to the river that most fishermen and women know too well. That rushed hustle to make it out on the water before any other boats touch the water, sometimes even before the sun peaks its head above the eastern horizon. Sometimes this works out in your favor when you touch the water, and or when your hook digs and dives under the choppy banks of the river. I sometimes wonder if the birds are looking at me going “wow, that guy is up Early”. We know what they say about the “early bird”.

Driving the speed limit with jet boat in tow, I arrived at the river ready to do battle with the Bow River’s finest. As I crossed the river before my turn-off at Dunbow Road, there was a heavy fog still looming over the river. The nights are getting colder now as fall is setting in here in Calgary, leaving frost on the northern side of the tree trunks, and turning the leaves that nice golden yellow that signifies the turn of seasons. We all know here in Alberta, that there are only so many days to enjoy boating and fishing so an angler must “make hay when the sun shines” as the saying goes. Read the rest of this entry »

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