Apr 14

Fishing Rods and Reels – Part #2

I am very fussy when it comes to the type of fishing reels I use. The Pflueger President has everything that I look for in a reel from its smooth reeling system to the durability every fisherman looks for. Lets face it, no serious fisherman likes it when he is floating the river and his 200$ reel blows apart. For this is a fisherman’s worst nightmare come true, your 5 miles down the river and the fishing is awesome, you’ve already landed 15 trout and then you hook into the fish of your dreams and your reel completely goes haywire. You then proceed to lose the trout and your mind, and spend the rest of the day watching your buddy catching your fish. Has this ever happened to you?

Apr 13

Fishing Rods and Reels – Part #1

In today’s world there are so many excellent fishing rods and reels to choose from. I’m the type of fisherman who wants to try them all. The only down fall for me is that I’m not rich and cannot buy 15 different rods and 10 different reels so I try to keep it simple and reasonably inexpensive. I have 2 rods, a 6’6 Abu Garcia Workhorse and a 7’0 foot rod of the same make. My reels are made by Pflueger which is a division of Shakespeare. These reels are simply awesome and have 10 ball bearings and the price was a steel at 80$ Canadian.

Apr 12

Fishing Trips on the Lower Bow River – Part #5

 Another piece of advice I would give to the angler who selects the Bow River for their next fishing trip, is to check the local sport fishing regulations guide before you head out. Here are the regulations as of April 1, 2006 From the Western Headworks Diversion Weir to the Carseland Weir (includes 500 meters of the Highwood River) but excluding all waters in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary – Open all year.  April. 1 to March 31- Trout limit 1 under 35cm; All trout over 35cm must be released; Mountain White limit 5 over 30cm; bait ban is in effect on the Bow River and Alberta has barbless hook rule in effect.

Apr 11

Fishing Trips on the Lower Bow River – Part #4

But be aware, if you camp on shore and not on one of these islands, you may be on private land and camping on private land requires permission from the landowner. Or if you do not like camping altogether, you can drive back into Calgary and stay at one of the many Hotels this city has to offer. So whichever route you choose to make the Bow River your next fishing trip destination, one thing is for certain, LARGE TROUT.